October has seen dozens of pieces of art pop up on the walls of New York by the well-known street artist, Banksy.

Banksy’s identity is still very much unknown but even if we know that he has had a holiday in the Big Apple, the people of New York have no idea. This was proven when a whole host of his artwork, which normally sells at private auctions for thousands of pounds, was seen being sold on a mock-up stall for just $60 apiece.

This pop up sale was being run by an elderly man in a similar set up to people in New York, so unless you know who Banksy is and what he does, it may have been hard to tell. But, $60 is a huge steal!

The secret sale of Banksy’s art work took place on October 14th and only saw takings reach about $600, which is far below par for artwork of his calibre. If only the people of New York had known, some did and they can happily say they own a piece of original Banksy artwork (which is probably worth more than $60 too).

Although his beloved UK fan base might have missed out on this incredible pop up sale, but we can still enjoy his art work during a Street Art London Tour without local authorities removing it from our walls, unlike the people of New York – which is a bonus!

We will have our fingers crossed that when Banksy decides to return home, he will have a pop up sale right here in London! That will be a Street Art London Tour that you will never forget, not that you will anyway … they’re pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.