Since there were two of them, we thought why not do the facts in two articles?

The Kray twins were an infamous pair; that had their name ‘celebrated’ upon ruling the East End of London; with fear and terror, in a manner it seemed only they could manage.

‘The Firm’ was the title of their gang, frequented and liaised with by some shockingly famous names… but we’ll save that for the next lot of facts. For now, you’llhave to manage with three.

1. Nearly, but not quite

Both twins were eager boxers in their teenage years, encouraged by their late grandad, Jimmy Cannonball Lee. Amidst the smoky and cavernous rings they would fight in, Reggie was spotted and invited to take it to a professional level. However, upon further talks, he was turned down due to his background within the criminal community.
Crime doesn’t pay, kids!

2. The Kray triplets

Unbeknown to many people, the Kray twins were not the only siblings, there was indeed a third older brother, Charlie Kray.
Thought to be the ‘quieter’ of the three, Charlie was not exempt from the criminal activities of his blood brothers. He also formed part of the renowned violent gang ‘The Firm’.
In the late 90s, Charlie was arrested and convicted of a near £40million cocaine trafficking plot, and at the mature age of 70 he was sentenced to 12 years inside.

3. The gay twins

Ronnie reached a level of conviction, that he openly admitted to being homosexual. However, Reggie was more reserved in revealing his true sexual preferences. Those close to the siblings claimed that it was uncanny just how close the two were, whether this was their seemingly telepathic fights or their jealousy of the others’ spouse.

The infamous shooting in The Blind Beggar pub, originated from George Cornell calling Ronnie a ‘fat poof’ following rumours of his intimate relations with Tory politician, Lord Boothby.

Ronnie’s marriage to Frances was thought not to have been consummated and was deemed a cover up for his homosexual preferences.

For more, see part 2…