Hopefully, we didn’t keep you waiting too long since our first part Blog post…

4. David Bailey

Acclaimed photographer, David Bailey took shots (no not with a gun) of the pair, and published the final one in a set named ‘Box of Pin-Ups’ in 1965.

The collection included poster-prints of fashion icons deemed elite by Bailey in the sixties, such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Jean Shrimpton. These can be viewed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Not forgetting that the full Kray’s tour can be enjoyed, before heading in the V&A’s direction.

5. Cigarette punch

Why should you never accept a cigarette from a gangster? Well, here’s why. Reggie Kray invented the move known as the ‘cigarette punch’, that resulted in the target receiving a broken jaw, from a single blow to the open mouth.

The offering gesture meant that the victim opened their mouth for the tobacco stick, and whilst their guard was down – in came Reggie with his fist of fury, BAM!

6. A taste for the bad boys

The London sweetheart, Barbara Windsor, is said to have had a one-night stand with the East End gangster, Reggie. In one of the pictures, the pair are at a black-tie event, with Barbara looking stunning and Reggie looking more like he had faced ten rounds with Mike Tyson whilst on hard drugs.

That said, the Eastenders star went on to marry another renowned gangster; Ronnie Knight, leading us all here in the UK and London, in particular, to think that she had a keen eye for the bad boys and their lifestyles.

7. Sinatra, protected by Krays

Ok, so not quite literally, but the New Jersey singer was rumoured to have employed the protection of 18 bodyguards. The muscle-heads were from Krayleigh Enterprises; a lucrative business run from behind bars, by the twins.

Sinatra employed the workers before his trip to the Wimbledon Tennis tournament, the twins proudly laid claim to the fact ‘they’d never lost a client’.

So there you have it, the conclusion to our two-part fact sheet installation. If you’ve found The Kray twins as intriguing as us, then why not get on board one of our tours too?