To visit London and not come across street art is like visiting Disney Land and not running into Mickey Mouse. It is virtually impossible; both go hand in hand. Street art in a very literal sense, is a small glimpse of London’s rich culture on display for the general public. I came across it when visiting London just last month. I had my must-go-see checklist handy and with a full week off from work, I was determined to go through it one by one. Brick Lane tours was already circled on the list. There had been a lot of buzz about it and the tour even got mentioned in a few editorial pieces. I missed out on it the last time I was in London so this time I was determined to see if the tour lived up to its hype.

I was not disappointed.

The tour was fabulous. It exceeded my expectations and most certainly lived up to its name of showing tourists the unseen London. We had a good tour guide who showed us around and made sure things moved along steadily. Along the way we were greeted by London’s famous street art. Seeing such fine artwork on public display captured everyone’s imagination myself included. It certainly made for some good Kodak moments. Below are a few pictures that really fascinated me. 2 3 4

The last one is no doubt my favourite. Pure genius. Makes me wonder how they do it. I have a new found level of respect for what street artists do.

Right now is the best time to visit London. Winter is still a few months away and the airfares are still bearable. The best part is that this exquisite artwork was created just recently. It’s new. It’s fresh. People who are touring London can double the fun when they take guided tours. The Brick Lane Tour in particular is loaded with beautiful street art. You’ll have a great time there. I did!