Street Art London Tour

Very few ideas truly come off as unique and original. Street art, no doubt, is one of them. It is the most inspiring and unique art forms of art and expression out there; a treasure trove for art lovers; a must-capture Kodak moment for tourists. London has the unique distinction of how showcasing this form of art in many of its street corners and alleys, capturing the intrigue and imagination of many. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and art fans from all over the world come to London to see street art. This has spawned a huge interest in guided street art tours which serve both as a means of entertainment and information for everyone be it tourists, students or local residents.

Not Just Another London Tour

Keep in mind that this is no ordinary tour. In fact it is completely different from all the traditional tours that London offers. Street art London tours are unique, and suitable for all ages making it an ideal family activity or a weekend event. People see a very different side of London that is both fascinated and mesmerising. In fact, most locals confess to being completely astounded upon discovering this exquisite form of art. They had no idea they had this in London, a place they had lived all their life. There is truly more to London than the elegant castles and the Big Ben. It has history. It has culture; a culture that can be found on display at certain on streets and alongside buildings.

An Art Gallery With No Boundaries

It’s like walking into an art gallery, only this one you actually walk out to. Forget about small pieces of art that can hang on a wall. The sheer size of the paintings make even the most veteran tourists gasp. The little pieces of art visible on the walls of London to the big portraits of highly detailed art by amazing painters of London, everything is there to amaze and amuse the tourists of Street Art London tours. People can’t help but to see London in a new light and appreciate what all it offers to locals and tourists alike.

More than Just Graffiti

To compare street art with graffiti would be to do it a great disservice. It’s much more than that. It is a form of expression unlike any that would compel people to visit again and again. A camera is a must-have device for street art tours because there is no shortage of Kodak moments waiting to be captured and then shared on Facebook! And not just that, there are plenty of pubs to hang out and unwind.

Certainly Not Vandalism

It is unfortunate that street art is sometimes associated with vandalism for circumstances beyond control. While the art certainly has a huge fan following, it also has its fair share of critics who cite the activity as a form of vandalism and a lame excuse to pick up a brush and do anything you want with it. A very unfair and narrow view of a bold and captivating art. Street art should never be mixed up with vandalism.

Learn About the Artists

One can’t appreciate any work of art without acknowledging its creator. After all, it is their creativity n display. As you walk through the streets of old London, you will come across artwork from different artists that are now household names.
If you are coming to London, this is one tour you shouldn’t miss. It’s certainly an eye-opener that will would provide you with immense fun as well as an insight to the history of street arts and about the talented artists of UK. Street art tour is highly recommended for everyone and at less than £9, it is one tour you can’t afford to miss.