Street artists collaborate to highlight homelessness in London

By |April 22nd, 2014|News & Stuff|

Street art usually has a deeper message, be it socio-economic or political and no better is this shown than through a recent collaboration by five artists as part of a campaign led by the charity, Depaul.   Street artists Ben Slow, David Shillinglaw, Best Ever, Josh Jeavons and Jim McElvaney have donated their time and [...]

A Visit to Whitechapel – Stewart P. Evans

By |February 6th, 2013|News & Stuff|

With an interest in ‘Jack the Ripper’ dating back to the late 1950’s a visit to the area where it all happened was inevitable. However, it was not until I bought Cullen and Odell’s books in 1965 that this interest developed into something more serious. I was very impressed with the books, and, I suppose because it offered a definite suspect, Cullen’s was the one that gripped my imagination the most. […]