In our ever increasingly scientific and logical society, otherworldly encounters are becoming ever more sought after! With more and more people seeking out Britain’s most haunted destinations, London appears to be a hotspot for paranormal investigators all across the world. Not only is London notorious for its ghastly history and gruesome past, it is also home to some of the most haunted spots on the globe with treacherous ghouls walking the corridors and lost souls seeking out for an opportunity to cross over to the underworld.
So, with our interest in supernatural happenings at an all-time high let’s take a look at London’s most haunted spots:

Bleeding Heart Yard

According to legend, the bleeding heart yard sign bears an image of the heart of the Virgin Mary with five blades piercing the organ. However, there is another, more gruesome, tale surrounding this yard.
How the inn formerly got its name was apparently down to the tragic and brutal death of Lady Elizabeth Hatton. According to myth, in 1626 her body was found torn limb from limb and heavily mutilated with the heart of the Lady still bleeding and pumping blood.

City of London Cemetery

This particular cemetery dates way back to 1856 and is known to be the final resting location of a few of Jack the Ripper’s victims however, until the date of 1970 ghostly occurrences were unheard of. Throughout the 70s people claimed to have seen an eerie orange light falling over one of the nearby tombstones. To add to the creepiness further investigations failed to pinpoint any surrounding light source that could provide a reasonable explanation for people’s accounts.

The Langham

Despite its reserved five star rating, the Langham hotel is renowned as one of England’s most haunted destinations and is said to play host to a series of up to 7 ghosts that have been seen by a number of guests throughout the history of the establishment. Remarkably, among the guests who reported paranormal sightings was the BBC who stayed in the building for quite some time. One of the reports involved a paranormal sighting of a man who was rumoured to have killed his wife and took his own life during their honeymoon spent at the hotel. Another case was a spirit who was found wandering the hotel clothed in Victorian attire with his arms outstretched and legs cut off.

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