London is a haven for tourism and it’s no secret why it’s one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. There is no shortage of quality entertainment here. It’s a place full of breathtaking views, amazing cuisine, genuine British hospitality and scenic tours. People who come here practically have a checklist of what all to see. There is too much to see to squeeze in one small tour which is why they come back again and again to visit this amazing city.

Speaking for tours there are a number of famous tours that London tourism guides and companies have to offer you. Every tour is unique and different from the other and offer fun in its own special way. Some are informative, others capture the imagination of tourists through their mystery. Others captivate people based on history. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone. There are so many amazing tours in London that almost anyone can find something to their liking. The East End Pub Tour is one of those few London tours that take entertainment to a whole new level and offer tourists a tour to remember. The East End Pub Tour takes you to the East End of the 18th and 19th century and offers a glimpse of life in that era and also on the grim history of the East End.

From the very beginning of the tour to the very end, tourists will be in for one amazing ride. You will get to visit numerous pubs that are now in that area. Some have been around since the 1800s. Case and point the Ten Bells Pub, infamous for its part in the Jack the Ripper murders. The tourist guide of the East End Tour would take you to a number of pubs including White Hart Pub, The Princess Alice and The Spitalfields and others.

All these pubs and restaurants are bound to make people thirsty. No problem at all. Unlike many other London tours, the East End Pub Tour not only takes you to each pub but also gives you an opportunity to have a drink or two. The tour includes unwinding at a nice pub where people can sit down, relax. It’s great way to talk about what people have witnessed so far and makes for a great fun group discussion as well. During this time, you would be told the gruesome stories that are hidden beneath each of these pubs. All the murders attempted by the famous poisoner, George Chapman and all the victims that Jack the Ripper chose in these pubs!This tour would also tell you who the notorious character ‘Leather Apron’ was and why this name sends chills to the spines of everyone in London.

If you have to decide one tour out of many London walking tours then the East End Pub Tour should be your pick.