Today, almost everyone has a ghost tale to share. Whether it is based on pure rumour or an experience they have had at some point during their life, there is no avoiding the topic. In this East End Tours blog post, we will be taking a look at just three reasons why people believe in ghosts.

Personal Experiences

As mentioned, quite a few people claim to have personally seen or heard a ghost. However, like all ghoulish topics, this has caused a divide in society. On the one side, you have the enthusiastic believers, adamant that we walk alongside lost spirits. On the other, you have those who, quite often, believe in science and claim that there is no logical explanation for a paranormal presence. But then, you have those who are sat on the fence, who neither believe nor disbelieve these experiences.

Whether it is an experience with a poltergeist or crowd demon, it pretty much comes down to perspective with personal experiences. While some will say there is an explanation that doesn’t involve ghosts, others are likely to agree and believe.

Lastly, many will argue that, like most things in life, you need to see to believe, but is what we’re seeing really ghosts?

Word of Mouth

Another reason people believe in ghosts is because so many people talk about them. The concept of lost spirits has been around for a long time, so it comes as no surprise that rumours have developed and shaped a society torn between logic and belief. While some do not sway from concept to concept, others tend to believe everything they hear and most have their views influenced by rumour. But who are we to say that there is nothing out there?


Our last reason is very much a controversial topic. Almost all evidence of ghosts has been debunked, but what about the remaining few? There are so many questions surrounding photographic and video evidence that it can be hard to have a clear head when it comes to this particular conversation. Click here for Londons most honest and informative street tours today!

Again, it all comes down to personal perspective.

These are just three reasons why people believe in ghosts. Do you have anymore that you’d like to share or any experiences you’ve had that you’d like to mention?

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