Down the years, London’s East End has played host to some of the world’s most revered villains, making the location a hot bed for British history.

At East End Tours, it is our job to bring history to life, and that includes the dark past of London which has seen serial killers and notorious gangsters roam its streets down the years. Our walking tours allow those that dare the opportunity to trace the footsteps of pure evil, uncovering the capital’s deepest and darkest secrets.

The villains of the East End are legendary and, rightly or wrongly, take their place in British history capturing the country’s imagination for century’s to come.

Jack the Ripper

For over a century, the Whitechapel murders have kept Britain guessing and asking the question: “Who is Jack the Ripper?” Thought to have held a surgical background, the identity of the most revered serial killer in history will always remain a mystery, although that has not stopped theorists from poring through the evidence.

The Jack the Ripper walking tour takes you back to 1888 to the scene of each of the Canonical Five’s brutal murders, and other various points of interest. Regarded as the finest Jack the Ripper tour of its kind, it’s not to be missed for those that dare retrace the steps of a cold-blooded killer.

The Kray Twins

Fast forward a number of decades to the 1960’s where London is almost unrecognisable from the era of Jack the Ripper. The Beatles were at the forefront of pop culture, England had a world-class football team and the Kray twins ruled the streets of London.

The brothers held a reputation for violence that saw them feared by everyone in the East End, where their exploits are legendary and have recently been covered extensively in books and film. Take the Krays tour to uncover the truth of Ronnie and Reggie, the notorious gangsters.

Heroes and Villains Tour

As well as villains, the East End has seen its fair share of heroes pass through its streets, and this is brilliantly showcased on our heroes and villains tour which takes places every day Thursday-Sunday at 5pm, starting from Aldgate East Tube Station.

On the tour, as well as the Kray twins and Jack the Ripper, you will also learn about the Elephant Man, William Booth and Dick Turpin amongst others. For more information about the heroes and villains tour or any of our other east end tours, please contact the team today.