The Street Art London Tour is a simple name to be given to such a creative and greatly inspiring experience.

You may have heard of notorious places in London that display conventional works of art that thrive on professionalism and formality, but on your next visit to London let East End Tours take you on a grittier and more exciting look at London’s street art that is fuelled by inspiring artists who add thought-provoking colour to our local streets!

So why should you add our tour to your list of things to do in London? We believe this tour reveals the true London. It represents the London in its rawest form. See art within locations that are viewed as the UK’s most creatively influenced places which are complimented by an energetic and busy environment.

We aim to provide an entirely different perspective on the city of London and yet be as informative as other leading London tours. Globally recognised street artists such as Banksy, Roa and Invader will enhance our journey with their visual impressions and meaningful artistic interpretations.

Our tours contain interactivity like no other. We integrate our Street Art London Tour with the dynamic London street life, where there is never a dull moment as you really feel the life of iconic places such as Brick Lane which are enhanced with the aroma of food stalls and flooded with people who share the same love for creative appeal!

What also makes our Street Art London Tours so special is that it is created and run by people who have a real love and passion for the city and the art. Our awarded walk is thriving with local knowledge. Our tour guides are privileged to show a part of London that thoroughly deserves to be brought to the tourist’s eye!

In summary, this is a truly memorable walk through the most artistically acclaimed parts of London.