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Bristol born enigma Banksy has managed to inspire not only the common man but the artistically inclined also. His audacious brand of politically controversial, but typically emotive street art sent waves through the art world, literally shaking the very foundation of the cultural elite. Banksy’s profound stance towards public, private and worldly injustices catapulted the still unknown figure into the media spotlight. With the torch well and truly lit by the ‘shadow artist,’ a number of other equally talented individuals have emerged to make their art well and truly seen.

In this article East End Tours has collated together a handful of artists who we feel are flourishing in what we like to call the ‘Banksy Generation.’


Also hailing from Bristol and its infamous graffiti scene is Sickboy. Sickboy’s highly rousing pieces of art have cemented his place in the upper echelons of the British street art movement. Having built up an extensive body of work, it’s no wonder he’s been labelled as one of the movement’s most bankable artists.

Sickboy’s work has featured countless times in graffiti books and films – one being Banksy “Exit through the gift shop” (Oscar nominated). From the looks of it, you could say Sickboy is amassing a graffiti plastered legacy – let’s hope he succeeds.


A graffiti writer from the tender age of 13, Aroe is very much a purist of the graffiti art form. Unashamedly vocal about his craft, Aroe makes a strong distinction between the work he produces and that of “trendy” street artists. In an article he was quoted as saying “I do graffiti just for fame and respect from peers within my sub-culture. For so called street artists, it’s all about the money.” He then went on to say “They (meaning the street artists) would be laughed off by proper graffiti artists. Though Aroe’s voice is indeed loud his work is even louder, covering buildings all around the world – from Brighton (where he resides) right the way to San Francisco. With a house, a full-time job, long-term girlfriend and four children he is very much proving that you can have it all.


Very much a street artist through and through, D.Face uses humble stickers as his tag and yet remains as ambitious as ever. Making moves of international scope, D.Face is a man (with a can) on a mission. Currently he is putting together a museum exhibition in Hamburg and gallery shows in New York and London. Street artists are regularly demonised as sell-outs for selling their pieces through galleries, however D.Face wholeheartedly believes museum and street art can co-exist. In an article published by The Independent he was quoted as saying “I don’t see myself as a sell-out.” He then went on to say “It’s about integrity. I work with museums and on the street – the two can co-exist. I would rather live as an artist and make money from it than be a pure graffiti writer and have to take a second job in order to live “– sounds like a logical move.

These are just a handful of the up and coming artists making themselves known, following (to a degree) in the footsteps of Banksy. To see some of the most innovative street art in London, join us on one of our street art tours!