Are you one of life’s constant thrill seekers? As a child, were you into the spooky reads and horror movies, even though you couldn’t watch the screen half the time and chose to bury yourself inside your jumper (or your mum’s jumper)? When you went to bed every night, were you afraid to close your eyes and dream because you thought “Freddie would be coming for you”? Did you think there were monsters under your bed or did you think they existed inside you? And although you get spooked quite easily, you still live for the adrenaline rush? If this is you, then we have the perfect tour lined up for you.

Get yourself booked onto the Dark Side London tour by East End Tours and delve your imagination a little deeper into the deep, dark, mysterious history London has to offer.

Or, for a true taste of the real London, why not book yourself onto our Heroes and Villains tour, and come and let us guide you through the real–life horrors that once were.

Educate yourself on the story of the Kray Twins, the mysterious Jack the Ripper tale and the infamous Elephant Man.

Delve your imagination into the cryptic world that London once was and real-life stories and discoveries of the horrors that once existed. Visit parts of London you never knew were there and see where the history was really made. Pick up on clues for the real motive of the Jack the Ripper and why he killed all his victims. You may find you end up with more questions than answers, but be assured that your mind will definitely start ticking, and it won’t be long before your imagination is running wild.

So, come along and see for yourself what horrors lurk within and beyond the deepest, darkest side of London and book yourself on a guided tour with East End Tours, you’ll be glad you did. Enter your very own world of horror, exploration, adventure, discover your dark side and perhaps somebody else’s too.