It is famously known that Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell in the head in the middle of the Blind Beggar pub. This pub has become a popular attraction for tourists on the Kray Twins Tours. It is said George was shot because he called Ronnie a ‘Fat Poof’. The Kray Twins motto was “Shoot to Kill – Dead Men Cannot Grass”. But what could George have grassed on?

It has since come to light that Ronnie Kray was a lifelong homosexual while Reggie Kray, Ronnies twin brother was a bisexual. However, both twins were the worst kind of gay bullies so much so that Ronnie Krays favourite way on punishing people that did not give him what he wanted or do what he said was to slash their buttocks with a razor blade. It is said that this gave him some sort of twisted gratification.

A reporter stated in a major newspaper that Scotland Yard were investigating if Ronnie Kray was having an affair with Lord Boothby, a well-known queer peer during 1964. However, the pair was not having an affair; instead Lord Boothby was supplying the Kray Twins with ‘pet boys’ for homosexual purposes. Ronnie Kray was often out and about with the company of a ‘pet boy’ or two.

In 1969 the Kray Twins were convicted of numerous brutal murders and were eventually forced to end their lives in a maximum security prison. In a progress report during 1977 of how the Kray Twins were doing in prison it is said that Ronnie Kray remained active as a predatory homosexual and he doesn’t care who knows it, so much so that he was found in bed enjoying a sexual encounter with another inmate.

As for the icing on the cake of the ‘Fat Poof’ rumour it turns out that the twins had enjoyed an incestuous homosexual relationship in their teens as confirmed by Ronnie Kray shortly before he passed away in prison.

It is thought that the reason for their vile bullying nature and sadism was the upshot of their perversion.