London is renowned for its selection of retail therapy, from quirky markets to designer label shops and everything you could possibly imagine in between. Yes, it is safe to say that if there’s anywhere to go for a quick window shop or a spree, the UK’s own capital is definitely a top choice.

But where in London is best to flash the cash and where can you find the best deals? Well, the ongoing, yet slightly light-hearted war between the East and West Ends speaks for itself when it comes to Londoners and visitors picking up bits and bobs.

So, in this article, we thought we would highlight the defining features of each shopping experience and show you why taking a tour around London’s retail paradise really is the best pick.

West End

Famous for its money-is-no-object reputation, the West End is a wonderful place to explore if you’re on the hunt for big labels and nothing less than excellent quality. That said, the West End also has a mix of mid-range deals, as well as traditional retail that is perfect for those with an eye for all things vintage, and those who just love to accessorise.

The most popular choices when visiting the West End are trips to Oxford Street and Regent Street, both of which have made a name for themselves amongst individuals who just can’t get enough of the glitz and glamour so characteristic of this slice of London.

It’s safe to say that luxurious shopping is the word here, but don’t be fooled by mad prices, as places like Oxford Street also boast shops like Primark, catering to all types of budget.

East End

So, you have the allure of the West End, but what’s the appeal of the East End of London?

Well, with a slightly quirkier charm, the East End is packed with unmissable street markets selling all sorts of paraphernalia; the type you see and justify buying, every time.

On top of this, you have the culture and diversity, along with the hustle and bustle that keeps everyone moving.

Plus, there’s so much to see in the East End; from corners laden with street art to secret galleries, there is a lot to discover and even more to soak in and enjoy.

The East End caters for all sorts of fashion too, from street wear to trend-setting styles, which is why it’s such a popular choice for, well, everyone who loves a day out in London!

So, with this contrast of the East End and West End in mind, where will you shop next?