We are so often asked by tourists in London what can they do, they have visited London before and done the usual tour around the Tour of London, they have done the London Tour Buses, they have been on the London Eye, Madame Tussauds and all the usual, but now they want to see something new, something better and more exciting than the traditional London sights.

Now East End Tours have that something different available for you, and not just one something extra, but FIVE something extras, all for just £9 each.

The London Nobody Knows Tour is a Brick Lane Tour that covers the part of London that is not found in your traditional guide books, it takes you down side alleys to Edwardian Houses, along to quaint and cosy cafes that you would not normally have seen and the East End Tour takes you to Spitalfields Market where there are bargains galore.

The Jack the Ripper Tour takes you to places where Jack the Ripper killed, where the suspects lived and where the victims worked. You end the tour at a pub where it is thought Jack the Ripper chose his victims while enjoying a pint of beer.

The East End Tour of Pubs takes you to a pub that was the workplace of George Chapman the infamous poisoner, then Jack the Rippers favourite pub, then onto a pub that has a ghostly waiter working in the cellar below. After that you are onto a favourite market trader’s pub before going to a local pub for local people and then the drinking hole of the notorious ‘Leather Apron’. After that you wobble up to Brick Lane where you will possibly have the best food you’ve ever tasted and you get a discount just for being on the East End Tour.

Notorious+London+gangsters+Ronnie+and+Reggie+KrayThe Kray Twins Tour leaves no stone unturned, taking you through the district where the Kray Twins ruled, where their home was, the pubs they drank in and the boxing club where they trained. You then go for a drink at the pub where Ronnie Kray famously shot rival gangster George Cornell.

The final East End Tour taking you to places that are not the ‘norm’ is The London Street Art Tour walking you around the street art of East London, showing you the works of artists such as Banksy, Roa and Invader. With the street art of London changing so regularly due to it being removed by councils or new work going up, the best way to see the Street Art of London is on the London Street Art Tour.