Every year hundreds of tourists are attendees on East End Tours, they are keen to learn more about the history of the East End of London. They may book on to an East End Walk to find out more about the famous pubs of London, Jack the Ripper or even London’s street art.

One of the most popular tours in London at the moment is the Krays Tour, in this article we will discuss what you will see and learn on a Kray Twins Tour in the East End of London;

Back in 1933, the Kray Twins were born in the East End of London and as the years went by the names of these twins would be well known throughout London and the whole of Britain, they would become well-known as notorious gangsters.

The first taste of fame for the twins came through their excellent boxing skills however they soon became famous for their gangster style activities and subsequent crimes that lead the twins becoming trialled and then sent to prison.

As much as the Kray Twins were notorious murderers, some people remember the twins for their true friendship, charity and extreme generosity.

When you book onto a Krays Tour toy will be able to visit the location of the Krays family home and see where they spent their time as children, the tour will then take you to pubs where the twins drank and also the Blind Beggar Pub where one of their murders was committed.

You will also be able to visit the boxing club where they trained and maybe see a few others of the twin’s favourite places.

If you are interested in the history of London’s East End then this is the East End Tour for you.