NPG x18939; Oswald Mosley by BassanoFor around one third of the Jewish Community living within the square mile of Stepney in the East End of London, 1936 was a very exciting year for you.

It was the year that the fascist movement of Oswald Mosley greatly stepped up further from beginning in 1934.

The people of the East End were told by their community leaders to stay inside their homes and avoid the fascist march on 4th October 1936, but these people ignored warnings and they chose to get involved. They also chose to support the Jewish Community and sign petitions like the Jewish People’s Council against Fascism and Antisemitism.

This involvement from the people living in the East End of London (Jewish and Non-Jewish) resulted in a march of over 3000 fascists in four columns through the very centre of the ‘Jewish East End’ (as it was known). This was then followed with the petition of over 100,000 signatures from people living in London’s East End.

When the Home Secretary heard of this march and petitions his reaction was to send 7,000 policemen to clear a path for Oswald Mosely. This was when things were to get very interesting and if you would like to find out more we suggest you book onto the Brick Lane Tours with the East End Tours company.