If you’re a fan of your notorious gangster tales or you enjoy a little light poetry then Convent Garden’s new plans will be right up your alley.

The building which once imprisoned Oscar Wilde and the Kray Twins is now undergoing serious development and renovation to transform the crumbling Magistrates Court down Bow Street into a new hotel. The grand opening of this fantastic development is rumoured to be around 2015 and the total cost of this development is estimated at a staggering £20m. Not only this, while the hotel will be complete with 99 rooms the remaining space will be converted into a museum and named the ‘Bow Street Runners’ Museum’.

It is believed that 10 police cells will be successfully converted into a collection of four hotel bedrooms while another 8 will be used as part of the museum. This unique attraction is the work of Austrian brothers Christian and Rudolf Ploberger who previously bought the site from Irish group, Edward Holdings.

The new owners believe that the museum attraction will be a truly unique addition in Convent Garden. Krays Tours and other East End Tours make reference to this building’s colourful history, numerous suffragettes including Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst, have said to have gone through its courts.

If you’re interested in the story behind the Kray’s or you’d like to dive deeper into the tales and woes of the East End before your visit to this remarkable hotel, why not book a Kray’s Tour with East End Walks today and explore the depths of London’s most infamous gangsters from the 1960’s.