Notorious+London+gangsters+Ronnie+and+Reggie+KrayHere at East End Tours we offer some truly amazing, insightful and unforgettable tours around the East End of London.

One of our newest tours that we have on offer is the Krays Tour. It is an excellent tour where you can learn so much about these twins who are known as potentially the most well-known gangsters in history but who were the Kray Twins and why are they so well-known?

In 1933 in Whitechapel, pair of twin boys was born, one was called Reggie and the other was called Ronnie. Little did anybody know that these names would soon be known by everyone in London and notorious throughout Britain as famous gangsters!

Fame first came to the Kray Twins through their excellent boxing skills as they moved from Whitechapel to Bethnal Green their popularity increased. However, this taste of fame encouraged the Kray Twins for more fame and as time went on they became more famous for their gang activities than for their boxing skills. Ronnie and Reggie Kray were involved in many crimes that involved the murders of George Cornell and Jack ‘the hat’ McVitie.

Ronnie and Reggie were tried for their crimes and got sent to prison, which is where Ronnie died in 1995 and Reggie died in 2000. It is true that the Kray Twins were involved in many criminal and gang activities and this is what some people remember them for, but many people in the East End of London remember the Kray Twins for their generosity and friendship.

If you would like to know more about the history of the Kray Twins, see where they trained, where they drank and where they killed then why not book yourself onto our Krays Tour?