A pub in London has become very famous and has even been included into some of the best East End Tours of London – but why is the White Hart Pub so famous? Why has East End Tours Company decided to include the White Hart Pub into their East End Pub Tour? Here we give you the history of George Chapman and the subsequent popularity of The White Hart Pub.


In 1865 Severin Antoniovich Klosowski was born in Poland, through 1887 Severin took many medical courses and then went on to travel to Warsaw where he worked as a Surgeon’s Apprentice, later in 1887 Severin moved to London.


On Severins’ arrival to London he worked as a Hairdressers Assistant and then went on to set up his own Barber Shop in the East End, Dock Area. In October 1889 Severin met a lady called Lucy Baderski and they married 5 weeks later. Soon after this marriage a lady came to Severin from Poland claiming to be Severin’s wife and wanting to claim her husband back, she was not successful and returned to Poland without her husband. During her visit Lucy Baderski gave birth to her and Severins first child, a baby boy who lived just a few months. This death was hard on both parents so they moved to America, the arguments between the couple became very violent and Severin was seen to attack Lucy at a Barbers Shop where he worked.


In 1889 Lucy returned to London on her own and lived at her sisters in East London; where she went on to give birth to their second son. Later that year Severin returned to London and the couple tried to make the relationship work once more, but sadly it was not to be and the relationship ended for good.


Shortly after this time Severin met a lady called Annie Chapman, married her and took her surname, from this point on Severin Antoniovich Klosowski was known as George Chapman.


Sadly this marriage did not work and three years later George Chapman found a lady called Mary Spink in his arms, she had recently come into money further to separating from her husband and with this money she and George bought a Barber Shop in Hastings. In 1897 it has been reported that George Chapman bought one once of Tarter Emetic from a Chemists, soon after this George Chapman and Mary Spink moved back to London and took the lease of a pub. Soon after this move Mary began suffering from stomach pains and nausea, followed by death on Christmas Day, the cause of death was recorded as consumption.


George Chapman required a bar maid as his wife Mary was no longer able to work at the pub, he employed Elizabeth Taylor, they soon became lovers and then got married but sadly Elizabeth became ill and died, the reasons for death were reported as intestinal obstruction and exhaustion.


This left George needing another bar maid, he then employed a lady called Maude Marsh and they then became lovers and later married, soon after the marriage Maude became ill. This time there were suspicions towards the death of this wife, the previous bodies were dug up and all were found with Tarter Emetic in them. George Chapman was arrested and hanged further to the murders of his wives.


On this East End Tour you get to hear the full story and see where the murdered wives worked.