brick lane

Here at East End Tours we offer tours and walks around the East End, you can join the Jack the Ripper Walk, the Krays Tour, the Street Art London Tour, the Brick Lane Tour and so much more. We have a tour that will tickle whatever interests you have. But why should you go on an East End Tour with us?

  • You may want to go on a tour if you have an interest in the East End or an interest of the history of London.
  • You may want to go on a East End Tour as part of a tourist day in London
  • Maybe you would like to book onto an East End Tour if you are a member of a group of organisation that have interests in the East End or London History
  • You may be a teacher and looking to help interest and encourage your students on their school project of Jewish History, Murderers, Street Art or the Kray Twins.
  • An East End Tour can also be used as a way to treat your staff for their hard-work in the form of a team outing
  • If you have client from abroad over for meetings, or a days training session then why not take your clients out for an evening with a difference. It will be something the client remembers for a long time and it could gain you more clients too as they talk about how well you treated them.
  • An East End Tour is a wonderful experience birthday gift, it isn’t an item of clothing that will be put in the drawer and forgotten about and it isn’t a box of chocolates that will be eaten and never remembered. Instead, it is a day or night out type of gift that will be remembered for years to come.

What more reason do you need to book a ticket for an East End Tour?