Ghosts and spirits tend to be more malleable than people think. Often, they are associated with a specific building or location but it is not uncommon for them to become attached to a particular object that can bring woe to anyone who should own it.

If you are reading this blog, then it is likely that you are interested in the historical and the paranormal and you will find plenty of both on our London Ghost Tour. However, we understand your interest expands beyond the twisting streets of the East End, which is why we have compiled the following list of haunted items, to whet your ghostly appetite.

The Chair of Death

Though it sounds like a cheesy B-list movie, this sinister piece of furniture is real and can be seen at Thirsk museum, where it is hung from the ceiling so none can sit in it. The story goes that one Thomas Busby was sentenced to death in 1702 and as his last request he had a pub meal in Thirsk. After finishing his last meal, he stood up and said, “May sudden death come to anyone who sits in my chair.” Over the centuries many people sat in the chair and all of them met their end soon after. Airmen who sat in the chair never returned from war, locals who did so would die in an unfortunate accident the same day. The last death attributed to the chair was in 1972 when a delivery man sat in the chair for a quick rest. He was killed in a car accident later that day.

Annabelle, the Possessed Doll

The events surrounding this doll would later inspire the film, The Conjuring and they are truly the stuff of horror films. In 1970 a woman bought a raggedy-ann doll for her daughter who kept the doll in her apartment. However, the daughter and her housemate started to notice some odd-goings on. When they would return from college, they would often find that the doll had moved around the apartment; they also found scraps of balled up paper with childish drawings and writing on them. This strange activity culminated in the doll physically attacking a friend of theirs which prompted them to seek the help of psychic investigators. It was revealed that the doll was possessed by a malevolent spirit and they promptly gave the doll away to a museum of the occult. The doll is still on display to this day, in a locked glass cabinet with a sign reading, “Warning, positively do not open!”

Valentino’s Ring

While the previous items on this list are accounted for, the whereabouts of this ring are unknown which is made all the more worrisome by the fact that it kills people. At the start of the 20th Century Rudolph Valentino was one of Hollywood’s rising stars, however, within the space of six years all of his films flopped at the box office and he died of an burst ulcer at the age of 31. This tragic series of events has been blamed on a ring he bought from a jeweller’s in 1920 which contained a gem called the tiger’s eye. Most people would dismiss this as hogwash, but everyone who has ever worn the ring has had their lives destroyed or met an untimely demise. Valentino’s lover Pola Negri wore the wring and fell gravely ill, she never recovered and it destroyed her career. Russ Columbo, an actor cast to play Valentino in a biopic of his life wore the ring on set and was killed in a shooting accident within a matter of days. A gangster by the name of Joe Casino bought the ring, but having heard some sinister rumours regarding the ring, didn’t wear it for years. He wore it once and was killed in a car accident.  Other deaths have been attributed to the ring but since the 60’s its whereabouts has remained a mystery…